Anakin V2
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Anakin V2


Reinventing Anakin: Version 2.0

Created to be the most advanced Jedi knight’s saber to date, Anakin V2 is an opulent weapon with meticulous detail. Its polished aluminum alloy hilt and stable blade emitter ensures accurate movements and nimble control, perfect for re-enacting cinematic duels. The resilient polycarbonate blade allows for reliable, long-lasting performance.


Introducing Anakin V2 Skateboard – the perfect choice for skate enthusiasts and beginners alike. With it’s lightweight design, big and soft wheels and durable deck, you will be able to practice your skateboarding skills in comfort and safety. The grip tape on the deck provides extra support and stability and the trucks are adjustable so you can customize your ride. Plus the vibrant colours and design will make sure you stand out from the crowd. So upgrade your skateboarding experience and get the Anakin V2 Skateboard today!

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Dual Sabers, Neopixel SN 3.0, Proffie 2.2, RGB Baselit, Saber 1, Saber 2, Silver-Black, Silver-Bronze, Silver-Gray