Boone Kestis
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Boone Kestis


Uncovering the Journey of Boone Kestis

Fashioned after concept art, the Boone Kestis lightsaber is a fusion of intricacy and sturdiness. Its vintage hilt pattern and fabric covering lends a lifelike quality, while its bespoke emitter provides a variety of applications. Its polycarbonate beam and aluminum alloy hilt also guarantee its robustness and power.


Boone Kestis Lightsaber is the perfect gift for any Star Wars fan! This top-of-the-line lightsaber is made from the highest quality materials and is designed to look and feel like the real thing. This lightsaber comes with a custom-made hilt and blade, perfect for dueling or just showing off. It is also designed to be powerful and safe, with its state-of-the-art safety features. With the Boone Kestis Lightsaber, you will have a true piece of Star Wars merchandise that you can cherish and show off with pride. So, whether you are just starting out or an experienced dueler, this lightsaber will help you show off your Star Wars fandom in style. Get your Boone Kestis Lightsaber today and join the fight!

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Dual Sabers, Neopixel SN 3.0, Proffie 2.2, RGB Baselit, Saber 1, Saber 2, Silver-Black, Silver-Bronze, Silver-Gray